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2018 – Xinjiang Goes Mainstream

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

BBC: China Uighurs: Xinjiang legalises ‘re-education’ camps 10 October 2018 – A revision of a law that makes many things illegal, including an extension of ‘halal’ goods. China Admits Creating ‘Re-education’ Camps for Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang 10 October 2018 – Audio report stating that the CPC is ‘re-educating’ people in Xinjiang. Key quote: Beijing says these centers ‘ideologically transform’ people it regards as ‘extremists’. China Uighurs: All you need to know on Muslim ‘crackdown’ 1 October 2018 – summary of the Xinjiang situation. Uighur exile describes life in China 10 Sep 2018 – video piece on life Xinjiang UN ‘alarmed’ by reports of China’s mass detention of Uighurs 31 August 2018 – Report by the UN on the Uighur position. China Uighurs: Beijing denies detaining one million 13 August 2018 – Key quote: China has said reports it is holding a million Muslim Uighurs in detention in Xinjiang are “completely untrue”.

The Guardian: The Guardian view on Xinjiang: China’s secret camps are at last in the spotlight Thu 13 Sep 2018 – Human Rights Watch report influences Guardian summary piece, including a quote from Anwar Ibrahim, a leading Malaysian politician. ‘My soul, where are you?’ families of Muslims missing in China meet wall of silence Thu 13 Sep 2018 – Report from relations of people ‘missing\ in Xinjiang, concentrating on Kazakhstan. ‘Sinicisation’ of Muslims in Xinjiang must go on, says Chinese official Sun 14 Oct 2018 – Justification from party official You Quan for why ethnic groups must conform to Han Chinese cultural norms. Chinese authorities launch ‘anti-halal’ crackdown in Xinjiang Wed 10 Oct 2018 – How China is pushing down on all aspects of Muslim identity, including the description of things as ‘halal’. Pakistan criticises China over treatment of ethnic Muslims Fri 21 Sep 2018 – Article detailing how Pakistan, a key partner in the OBOR project, is starting to protest about missing relations of Pakistan nationals. China ‘ejects’ US journalist known for reporting on Xinjiang repression Wed 22 Aug 2018 – Buzzfeed journalist Megha Rajagopalan’s Chinese visa is rejected. She vows to continue reporting on Xinjiang. China denies violating minority rights amid detention claims Mon 13 Aug 2018 – China denies the human rights claims of extra judicial arrests. China: one in five arrests take place in ‘police state’ Xinjiang Wed 25 Jul 2018 – Key Quote: “21% of all arrests in China in 2017 were in Xinjiang, which accounts for about 1.5% of China’s population.”

Washington Post: US lawmakers call on Trump to help detained Chinese Muslims October 10 – A call for action by some US lawmakers to respond to the situation in Xinjiang. China finally admits it is building a new archipelago of concentration camps. Will the world respond? October 11 – Opinion piece discussing the revision of the law in China that makes it legal to detain people. The Post’s View: China’s repugnant campaign to destroy a minority people Josh Rogin: Ethnic cleansing makes a comeback — in China The Post’s View: We can’t ignore this brutal cleansing in China

Bloomberg: The Hole at the Heart of China’s Silk Road August 8, 2018 – Key Quote: “The government in Astana is already having to deal with increasing popular anger about the Xinjiang crackdown and is quietly complaining to China.” Wall Street Journal: Kazakh Court Frees Woman in Case That Shed Light on Chinese Camps October 4, 2018 – An infamous case within Kazakhstan, where an ethnic Kazakh woman fled China and was arrested in Kazakhstan for entering illegally. In a very public ruling, she was released with a suspended sentence after claiming she would face the death penalty if returned to China. Related: Kazakhstan-China deportation case sparks trial of public opinion Ethnic Kazakh’s life in balance as deportation to China looms Chinese ‘reeducation camps’ in spotlight at Kazakh trial China’s Muslim Detention Camps Spark Protests in Islamic World Sept. 27, 2018 – Details how Pakistan, a key partner for China in the OBOR, has been caught up in the ‘re-education’ issue. Why China Is Brutally Suppressing Muslims Sept. 16, 2018 – Strong piece by Robert D. Kaplan arguing Xinjiang is part of a China Imperial drive.

The Economist: China has turned Xinjiang into a police state like no other May 31st 2018 – Extensive piece detailing a brief history of the re-education camps. The extraordinary ways in which China humiliates Muslims Xinjiang’s security state China suggests its camps for Uighurs are just vocational schools China is trying to prevent the formation of a vocal Uighur diaspora

Radio Free Asia: Five Uyghur Professors from Xinjiang University Held in Political ‘Re-education Camps’ 2018-09-18 – Top Uighur Professors allegedly now in re-education camps Authorities Force Uyghur Students to Return to Xinjiang From Mainland For Propaganda Drive 2018-07-16 – Claims that Muslim students are being made to return to Xinjiang to participate in party promotion. Nearly Half of Xinjiang Village’s Residents Sent to ‘Political Re-Education Camps’: Official 2018-06-14 – In one village, nearly half the people are alleged to be in re-education camps. Xinjiang Authorities Use ‘Burial Management Centers’ to Subvert Uyghur Funeral Traditions 2018-04-19 – Alleged construction of ‘burial centers’ to police Muslim burying practices Uyghur Children Separated From Parents, Held in ‘Little Angels Schools’ in Xinjiang 2018-09-13 – “To put it straight, it’s like vocational training … like your children go to vocational training schools to get better skills and better jobs after graduation.” Li Xiaojun, director for publicity at the Bureau of Human Rights Affairs of the State Council Information Office, explains the process of putting children whose parents are detained into orphanages. Related: Dozens of Uyghur Children of Xinjiang Village Camp Detainees Sent to Live in Orphanages

The Atlantic: China Is Going to Outrageous Lengths to Surveil Its Own Citizens AUG 16, 2018 – Details of surveillance against Muslims, as well as other religious groups. Includes statements that Muslims on pilgrimage must wear GPS trackers.

Foreign Policy: AUGUST 22, 2018, 9:00 AM – Rian Thum, Associate Professor of History at Loyola University New Orleans, detailing extrajudicial detention of Uighurs.

South China Morning Post: How China is trying to impose Islam with Chinese characteristics in the Hui Muslim heartland Monday, 14 May 2018 – Concentrating on the 10m Hui people, the piece details the CPC’s attempts to “Sinicize religion”.

Time to denounce China’s Muslim gulag 19 June 2018 – an Opinion piece by Dr James Leibold denouncing the CPC’s attempts to ‘solve the Xinjiang problem’. East Asia Forum: China is using terrorist threats to culturally cleanse its west 18 June 2018 – Renowned CA academic Michael Clarke’s argument that the CPC is trying to eliminate the very idea of a Uighur nation.

The Conversation: Patriotic songs and self-criticism: why China is ‘re-educating’ Muslims in mass detention camps July 25, 2018 – Another Michael Clarke piece

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty: Kazakhstan Confronts China Over Disappearances June 01, 2018 – Growing discontent in Kazakhstan has led the Kazakh government to be forced to ask China about ethnic Kazakh disappearances.

Jacobin: China’s Uyghur Repression 05.31.2018 – David Brophy, senior lecturer in modern Chinese history at the University of Sydney, piece giving some ideas on ways to challenge the current situation in Xinjiang.

Eurasianet: A Surveillance State Unlike Any the World Has Ever Seen July 26, 2018 – Detailing the technology in Xinjiang. Related: Perspectives | Navigating Xinjiang’s security checkpoints

Global Times: Xinjiang educates, reforms imprisoned extremists in religious thought 2018/7/23 – A pro-CPC piece about the benefits of ethnic harmony.

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