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Week Commencing 14th August

Updated: May 9, 2020

Uyghurs Lack Protection in the EU?

India/China Border Issues

Philippines Does Deal with China

1.Chinese Muslim Dissidents Remain Protected In EU, But For How Long? Oversea Uyghurs claim that there is severe pressure from China on the EU not to grant political asylum to people from the Xinjiang region. It is suggested that the OBOR is a factor, as the Central Asian region is considered key to the success of the rail branch and the compliance of the Muslim inhabitants essential.        Comment:

This subject will repeatedly come up as China endeavors to tie Central Asian states, in particular, Kazakhstan, to the OBOR.


2.India’s concern about Beijing’s expansion Deep Indian unease about the ‘Hambantota port deal,’ where China has a 70% controlling interest in the port and 15,000 acres of land in Sri Lanka. The proposed plan, which will include an industrial zone, has been protested against by Sri Lankan opposition groups, worried about increasing Chinese influence. Comment:

It is easy to imagine that the China/India disputes are going to continue for a long time. Related: China Joins the Crowd in Djibouti China/Pakistan cooperation deepens India, China soldiers involved in border altercation: Indian sources ________________________________________________________

3.Philippines says China agrees on no new expansion in South China Sea China and the government of Duterte have finalized a deal that claims China “will not occupy new features in the South China Sea nor they are going to build structures in Scarborough Shoal” according to the Philippine Defense Minister. They will also sign a deal sharing exploration and exploitation of resources. This agreement runs counter to the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague and has been flagged by Filipino opposition members as a bad deal for the Philippines. Comment:

States appear to take Trump’s ‘America First’ position seriously, and are turning to China to do deals about security issues related to the South China Sea. Duterte looks to have changed tack completely from the USA to China for the Philippines protection. ________________________________________________________

6.Xi loyalists grab the reins of pivotal projects As Xi Jinping consolidates power, he is given key jobs in the OBOR implementation to close aides and people who worked for him previously in the provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian. Comment:

Xi is going all in with the OBOR. It will potentially make or break him. ________________________________________________________

7.Slow Going on the Silk Road Describes some economic problems that have hit the OBOR but ends with saying it’s future is looking better because of Trump’s isolationist ‘America First’ program.    ________________________________________________________ 8.Two-way Journey for Apple on the Silk Road A history of the domestication of the Apple, and how it changed due to travel and trade.   ________________________________________________________ 9.Thucydides Trap or Tug-of-War? An interesting take on the perception of a possible Thucydides Trap. ________________________________________________________ 10.China’s New Silk Road investment surges despite crackdown on overseas deals The current spending for the OBOR, with investment in over 68 countries, is considered to be US $33 billion. While a clamp down on the flow of capital outside the country and debt-fuelled acquisitions is in place, it isn’t in position in regards to the OBOR, which is considered strategic and therefore exempt. Related: China’s Steady March to Global Leadership ________________________________________________________

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