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Week Commencing 4th September 2017

Updated: May 9, 2020

India, China: Game is on

China Cracks Down on Christian Missionaries

Afghanistan and China

1.India, China: Game is on India acknowledges the border dispute with China at Pangong Lake area in Ladakh on August 15 (captured on video). Soldiers from both countries were captured scuffling and throwing stones. By admitting that the incident took place, India is taking the initiative in diplomatic circles to win support.        Comment:

This subject will repeatedly come up as China endeavors to tie Central Asian states, in particular, Kazakhstan, to the OBOR. Related: India army chief: we must prepare for simultaneous war with China and Pakistan There is a pattern to Chinese expansionism Don’t waste a good crisis: New India had a sophisticated game at Doklam Military supplies from India meant for our self-defense, sovereignty: Vietnam What is China’s salami slicing tactic that Army chief Bipin Rawat talked about?


2.Risky road: China’s missionaries follow Beijing West China’s emerging Silk Road is not only bringing supplies and politics but apparently proselytizing Chinese Christians. Two Chinese nationals recently killed in Quetta, Pakistan, allegedly by the Islamic State, were there to not to work on Chinese-funded projects but to spread the Christian faith.    Comment:

An interesting background to a story that got a lot of press. Related: China cracks down on Christians after killing of two missionaries in Quetta China Ramps Up Christian Persecution After Two Missionaries Are Murdered ________________________________________________________

3.Afghanistan: The new theatre of US-China face off China has legitimate concerns about Islamic extremism entering the North West of the country via Pakistan and Afghanistan. With the CPEC arrangement ensuring help from the Pakistan side, China is also looking at Afghanistan. While the continuing US war occupies militants inside Afghanistan, neither a victory for the Taliban nor a permanent US base is a good result for China. Trump’s commitment to more troops to the region has shined a light on some Chinese ploys and interests in the border country. ________________________________________________________

4.Minister: Multiculturalism flourishes in Kazakhstan Yerzhan Ashikbayev, Kazakhstan’s deputy foreign minister, gives an interesting and intelligent interview that covers a lot of topics, including relations with powers (including China and the EU) and Kazakhstan’s multi vector policy. Key quote: “Of course, China is a huge window of opportunity for us, and we benefit immensely”. ________________________________________________________

5.World is not becoming China-centric Former Foreign Secretary, Shyam Saran discusses his book checking the ‘commonsensical’ idea that China is the destined to become the next hegemon. Key quote: “It is interesting how successful China has been in convincing the world that a China-centric world is inevitable.” ________________________________________________________

6.China Sends 2nd Freight Train Down New Silk Road to Tehran The train left from Yinchuan City of northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and is scheduled to arrive in Tehran, via Kazakhstan, 15 days later. Comment:

Iran is potentialy being courted as a key part of China’s OBOR ambitions. Related:

China-Europe cargo trains reach 5,000


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